4 comments on “Mega Drive – New Additions (Thunder Fox…)

  1. Oh, that Ultraman game is a PAAAAAIIIIN. I beat that dumb boss once by sheer luck (I think the move is in the manual or some Japanese guy wrote it down for me when he found out I had the game), but haven’t been able to do it again.

    Thunder Fox is yeah… kind of lame, but fun in that funky old MD way. I gave up on finding Eliminate Down long ago for a fair price, but it’s a game I could have had for (eek!) about $88 new (minus shipping) back around 1995 or ’96. I passed on it then thinking it was overpriced! Stupid!! One day I should list all the deals I’ve missed out on, lol…


  2. Ha! Never ever list the deals you missed out on 🙂 You’ll cry for days on end! I try to focus on the little gems that I think were good deals.
    You shouldn’t feel bad for passing up Eliminate Down for $88. There was no way to know. And even $88 for one Mega Drive game is a lot of coin regardless.

    I really want to know that finishing move in Ultraman! I want to take down at least one boss 🙂 Just one!
    I’ve been playing around with recording my own gameplay footage so I don’t have to poach clips from other games. Turns out, it’s a lot of work!
    This is why I was playing Ultraman. So on top of figuring out how to record I also have to contend with being really bad at the game and producing a pretty boring gameplay clip! 😛
    Maybe I’ll be ready for next week.


    • Lol… Play a game you like first before working with an Ultraman, I say. In the case of that cheap Eliminate Down, I’m Kicking myself because I think I spent that money on a bunch of closeout SNES titles, none of which were that good in retrospect.

      Then again, the good deals I’ve gotten over the years (Princess Crown for well under $10!) have made up for some of the things I’ve missed out on…


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