11 comments on “Haja no Fuuin (Miracle Warriors) Sega Mark III

  1. Nice! I’ve wanted to see a complete version of this even though I don’t collect MK III games. I had a few some years back, but sold them off when I decided to not dive into that system. Had I known you were around, I’d have offered them to you, of course! One was a boxed Phantasy Star that was complete, but the box was a bit worn.

    And hey! I wonder if that Alex Kidd BMX game could be seen as a precursor to Mario Kart? Probably not, as there was a Mario rally game for the Famicom Disk system… but I think that was a straightforward racer for the most part. Hmm…. I need to dig out the Twin Famicom and try that again, it seems. It’s been a few years…


    • Ah, I only wish Alex Kidd BMX tail was near as good as Mario Kart! I haven’t even played BMX Trail but I know already 🙂 I just want it because I’m Sega crazy.
      I’ve always wanted the Famicom and Super Famicom. I might pick them up one day. Maybe even the Twin too. That’s the disk system, right?


      • Well, the Twin Famicom was made by Sharp and combines a Famicom and Disk System into a single unit. Normally, you’d need a Famciom and a Famicom Disk Drive linked together, but this solves that issue completely. I don’t know what they go for these days, but I ended up grabbing one because I kept hearing about Famicom disk drives needing the belt replaced when bought used and I didn’t want to have to deal with that.

        That and I would have preferred to get both FC and the Drive from one place and when I was looking, I could only find them separately and I think the few I found together cost a load of loot to ship because of the boxed weight. I think I got my Twin loose but with something like eight games for what it cost to ship the two systems together, so that was a nice deal…


        • I just did a search and I like the look of the Twin Famicom. Specially the red unit! It’s pretty cool. You seem to have everything geelw! I’m pretty jealous 😛
          I’ve seen the FC and Drive as separate units and you’re right the cost of shipping just puts the price over the top. I was close to buying them at one point.
          How are the disk games as far as longevity goes? Are they holding up and lasting as long as cartridges?


          • My Twin Famicom is back and green (not as flashy as the red model, but I kind of prefer that color scheme). I have a pic around here somewhere, but I thought I posted it already. Guess not. Hmmm. I guess it’s time to go through some bins here again! My poor old back is just DYING to lift a bunch of heavy stuff tonight! 😀


        • I do like the look of both systems. Both the Twin and the double unit model. I think when I first saw your post that you link to above I didn’t know what the Twin Famicom was. You and geelw really do have everything!! 😀


  2. I’m so happy you found a manual to go with it!! 😀 😀 And I’m happy we started trading ^^ It’s been a blast! Let me know if you ever find anything else you want on Tradera 🙂

    Wow.. now I want Alex Kidd BMX Trail too…. ;D


    • Thank you! I’m also very happy that I found the manual to complete that sweet score you got for me. 😀 You can be sure I’ll be hitting you for some more stuff on Tradera. You rock!

      Do you also collect Sega Mark III games? How many do have so far? Complete or just carts?


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