10 comments on “It came from the Desert and it’s heading to the Genesis!

  1. Oh, MAN… this game is old! It was on the Amiga (and got an “enhanced” port to the Turbografx 16):

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_Came_from_the_Desert – history!

    I need to get this, as I wasn’t much into the TG-16 version thanks to the load times and crummy FMV. I never had an Amiga, but it’s clearly the winner over the Turbo version. Anyway, thanks for the update – going to sign up on that Cinemaware sight right now!


    • That’s what I like to hear 🙂 I hope there are many people as enthused about this game as we are. I really want to promote cartridge releases like this.
      I read that there was an Amiga version (the original?) but it looks like the Genesis version is a very different game. I’ve read that it’s hard which could be OK. And it does look like a good action game.


      • Yeah, this version coming looks a LOT different than the original and TG-16 versions in terms of the gameplay. It looks as if it’s all action, whereas the others had point & click sections, some side-scrolling bits and what looks like more of a storyline. Funny, now I’m thinking of (Todd’s Adventures in) Slime World on the Genesis mixed with something like Alien 3 or Skeleton Krew. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how this turns out. It definitely looks great. I have the feeling it’ll sell out VERY quickly.


  2. I do remember seeing this game on ebay from time to time in bootleg/reproduction form but I never really looked close for whatever reason. At the time had I known it was an ‘almost’ official release I think I would have bought it but now I’ll be waiting for the full product from cinemaware.

    I like that it’s more of an action game. Makes it feel more at home on the Genesis. And I also noticed that it seems to have a story as you progress through the game; which is great!

    And I think you’re right. This will be one of those games that will sell out fast and then be hard to find later. I think I might buy more than one and try to trade for Super Fighter Teams Beggar Prince that I missed out on.


    • Hmmm. That just may work, but I guess it’s up to finding a copy of BP that’s complete in nice shape and not overpriced. Heh- maybe I’ll be SUPER lazy and trade you for something here for a copy of that new game, lol.


      • I’m listening 😀 You’ve got some real gems in your collection. If you think of any game that you’re willing to part with and trade for ICFTD consider it a done deal! We don’t yet know the cost of ICFTD so lets make sure this trade is fair to you. I’m guessing that ICFTD will be around $60 USD.


        • Heh. I was kind of kidding there, but let’s indeed see what happens 😀

          I think I still have that list you sent me via email recently and I’m not averse to trades at all if both parties are dancing around the room at the end of the day. Amusingly enough, I believe I passed up a trade for either Beggar Prince or Legend of Wukong some years back before I knew they’d be so hard to get as cart/box/manual versions. I’d imagine ICFTD will get enough copies made to go around, but I re-read the site and they seem to be placing an emphasis on collectors with a line noting how limited the print run will be. I kind of hope that if it sells out it gets redone like Pier Solar got a few editions, but we’ll find out soon enough… 😀


  3. Reblogged this on "DESTROY ALL FANBOYS!" and commented:
    Yup, I’d have to say that this came as a surprise to me, as I’d only heard of the Amiga and TG-16 versions until now. yeah, I need to pay more attention to Wikipedia, I suppose.

    Anyway, Color me thrilled that there’s a “new” Genesis game on the way and from the looks of it, a really good one. Thanks to the SegaDude for unearthing this awesome news.


    • I’m sure Cinemaware is just trying to get us all worked up and excited. You just know they want to sell as many copies as possible. And I can’t blame them for that. I also hope they end up having to make a second run/print of the game!

      And if you change your mind about trading just let me know. I’m ready to assimilate your Genesis collection at a moments notice! 😛


      • Oh, I didn’t say no to that trade, lol. I’ll need to look over that list again and see what I can part with. I know it’s going to a good home, that’s for sure!


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