9 comments on “SNK Neo Geo MVS Arcade Cabinet (Big Red)

  1. Excellent buy, E! That price point isn’t bad at all and yeah, you get to track down those actual boards and pretty much make the collection you want. A MAME box is a good idea for sure, but I do love original hardware like this. Looking forward to seeing what other games you pick for your new addition. What’s on that want list, by the way?


    • I actually started buying MVS carts even before I bought this Neo Geo MVS. When I decided I really did want one I went at the hunt pretty hard. Before I had any games my wish list looked something like like this:

      Blazing Star*
      Crossed Swords*
      Magician Lord
      Metal Slug (1*,2*,3*,4*,5)
      Mutation Nation
      Last Resort*
      Prehistoric Isle 2*
      Samurai Shodown (1*,2*,3*,4*,5*)
      Sengoku (1,2,3)
      Shock Troopers (1*,2)
      Spin Masters
      Top Hunters*

      So far I have already gotten everything above that has a * next to it.
      My new wish-list will include the non stared game above plus:

      Burning Fight
      Bust-a-Move Again
      Garou: Mark of the Wolves
      Rage of the Dragons
      Robo Army
      Twinkle Star Sprites

      Really, I’m going to want just about anything but the above would be some that I think are cool games. I just have to wait for the game to come up and be reasonable priced.

      geelw, what’s your experience with Neo Geo? Where you into it back in the day? Played any ports on more modern systems like the PS2?
      Personally I never played when it was new. I only ever watched people play some of the earlier games. The system was so unattainable that I had to pretend it didn’t exist! 😛


  2. That is freaking amazing!! I want one too!!! But it’s almost impossible to find over here 😦 and I wouldn’t have the slightest idea on how to fix issues arising with the tech hahaha ^_^
    It looks beautiful though! I’m so happy for you ^_^
    I was recently at a friends house who had a smaller arcade cabinet for NEO GEO games (it was called candy or something, small and cute) and you could change between several cartridges in that one too. He mentioned something about being able to play the AES games on an MVS with a sort of cartridge converter, or perhaps it was the other way around o_O MVS games on the AES? I don’t remember. Anyway, doesn’t really matter cause you have the AES as well right?
    He had a really cool game though, which was like an overhead vertical puzzle shooter with really cute characters ^^ Maybe you know the name? It’s awesome anyway, get it ;D

    BTW! don’t forget to check out the game I paid almost as much for as you did for your cabinet ;D it’s been out on my blog for a few days now! ;D


    • First, off… thanks for the reminder to check out your Virtual Boy Space Invaders! Done! 🙂

      Second, that awesome looking overhead puzzle shooter is called Twinkle Star Sprites. And yes, I really do want it…. I want to soooo bad 😛

      Thanks! I’m glad you like the look of Big Red. It really is very cool.

      Yeah, the smaller Neo Geo cabinets are called Candy Cabs. I believe they are very popular but hard to get. Unless you live in the US. They are really nice because you can sit down to play them.
      I feel like I got really lucky with my Neo Geo MVS. It’s in good shape and it was just 20 minutes north of me! I know fate when it comes knock’in 😛

      I far as I know there is no adapter for putting AES carts into an MVS. But there are several adapters for allowing you to use MVS carts in an AES…. but the good converts go for about $250.

      Personally I don’t think it’s worth collecting for both MVS and AES. Unless you have lots and lots of money. The games are literally identical. Pick one that you think works best for you and stick with it.
      Keep in mind that the MVS games are usually much cheaper and easier to find.


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    • Well, in 2014 prices were much better than now in 2019. But even then it felt pretty good considering it came with four games. I found it on my local Kijiji classifieds. I was looking at the time.


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