4 comments on “Waterloo Video Game Swap (VGCC) March 2015 Prelude

  1. Ha! I still have my Captain Canuck comics from he first run (yeah they were sold in the US in some spots). Didn’t know he was coming back! Cool. Anyway, good luck with the sale! Maybe you’ll get to turn someone curious into a MD collector. I got started thanks to being curious and later lucking out by walking into a book shop that had a small stack of MD games right by the register. Hmmm. I should ask for a list of all those MD, PS2 and Xbox games, lol…


    • I’ll write up post about what happened. But I will say there was not much interest in Japanese Mega Drive games. But I do think I helped someone kick-start their Sega Master System Collection 🙂


    • That would be great! This event actually happens twice a year. And I’ve now sold every one of those Japanese Mega Drive games. Many could not be played without knowing Japanese and the others are pretty common. I shouldn’t have assumed but I thought for sure you would already have the interesting ones.


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