5 comments on “Brand New and Official Artwork for Classic Sega Games

  1. As usual, you did the Sega name justice! I just realized that some of that art is done up in the style of some of the original art for the games or pays homage to the techniques used. Yeah, I’m looking at that Golden Axe, Shinobi, SoR and Phantasy Star art. I’m not surprised to not see a Sonic piece yet as he’s been the subject of LOADS of great artwork (fan and otherwise) over the decades.

    Hmmm. I wish I still has my old Sega game cover art book (long out of print) as it was full of awesome cover art from many MD and GG games. I’ll have to try and track down another copy one of these days…


    • Do I come across as too Sega crazy? lol!
      I only focus on Sega because that’s where gaming really hit home for me. Technically my very first video game system was a Texas Instrument IT 99/4A personal computer.
      I actually spend a fair bit of time searching the net for video game artwork and this tidbit that you sent my was is very exciting.
      I think I know the Sega game cover art book that you’re talking about. I wish that kind of thing was easier to find. I’d also love a copy.


      • Oh, your obsession is fine with me, E. It’s just great to see someone do something cool like your site and get it right. That Sega art book didn’t cost me a lot and I think I didn’t sell it for that much. But I looked up a copy last year and i think it was approaching north of $100 for a new-ish one. Yikes. I’ll take a pre-owned copy for a third of the price, thank you! 😀


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