4 comments on “SNK Neo Geo MVS Shockboxes and Cover Art

  1. hey buddy ! wow man, your articles and your game collection are becoming awesomer…rr.r Can we say that ? lol No joke its really awesome and I enjoy reading ad seeing your stuff. Thank you and keep it up !


  2. Hey Luis! Yes, awesomer is a word and thank you for saying so! 😀
    There are too many amazing retro video games out there… I wish I could get it all. And even though it has taken me many years I’m starting to realize I just can’t. That being said I’m really glad I discovered the Neo Geo. It’s a really good compliment to my Sega collection.

    I am finding that I really have to start budgeting for my purchases. A few items here and there can really add up. That balance between the real world and the hobbit is key to making sure it’s stays fun!


  3. woah! You’ve changed the name of your site! That’s bold ^_^ Is it because you’re writing more and more about Neo Geo? It surely is addictive collecting for that system… o_O Lately I’ve bought loads of Neo Geo games.. but I’ve made pretty good deals ^^


    • Sega is still my main thing but I’ve always had lots of love for SNES and NES and others. So as I’m starting to expand on what I write about I wanted to have a name that felt more appropriate. I’ve had the idea of a long time just never pulled the trigger. And I don’t mind renaming the site because I don’t ever want to be afraid of re-imagining what I like doing. It’s not a business.
      Also, I’m still hosting with WordPress so the old name will redirect to the new pretty seamlessly.
      And despite both labels ‘Retro’ and ‘Megabit’ being pretty heavily used on the scene I still like the name and I had fun picking fonts and colors and a lay out all that jazz 🙂

      I’m looking forward to hearing about all your new Neo Geo games! I’m at 97 Neo Geo games now!


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