7 comments on “Neo Geo MVS Mini Marquee’s

  1. Wow! This is truly amazing!! Great job! I get it, it’s not really neccessary but it’s really awesome, and thus IMO a must have! 😀


    • Thank you martinoddity! 😀
      Every part of these little things are fun… well, except for paying for them!
      I have fun playing with Photoshop and using the Mini Marquees in the Cabinet. I only wish it was easier finding the artwork.

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    • Thanks Night Owl!
      I can’t take all the credit for the Big Red cabinet. It’s cosmetic condition was excellent when I bought it. I got locally from Kijiji for $650 CAD with four games.
      Me and my buddy almost dropped the thing twice while trying to get it into the basement. It’s a beast!
      But yeah, I do love the custom Mini Marquees as a nice final touch.


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    • Hi Guillermo,

      I’m glad you like these custom mini marquees.

      If you want them for your own just download the images you see here (click an image for the full sized version). Then send them to any local print shop that prints on backlit film.

      The ones I had done where printed on 12mm backlit film. And are printed at 4.44 inches by 5.44 for a perfect fit in a Neo Geo MVS mini marquee.

      At the time they cost me about $8 CAD each.


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