9 comments on “Pier Solar Collector’s Edition for the Sega Dreamcast

  1. Congrats! Looks awesome, the quality of the collectibles seems superb! The price you paid was more than fair for this package- though as you said it turned out to be a great deal on your end still.


    • It really was a nice surprise to come home to. Normally I’m not into collector editions but this one is pretty cool. I’m feeling extra confident about Watermelon Team’s upcoming video game Project Y. I’m really looking forward to more from them!

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    • I’m getting used to waiting for Watermelon Team πŸ˜› And yes it was great to see this package show up! I might not spring for a collectors edition each time but I’m pretty sure I’ll buy whatever Watermelon Team comes out with.


    • I’m not sure if the Dreamcast can do what we consider HD now (like 1080p or 720p) but is does support VGA which give an image that is much better than the typical composite or S-Video of that time. I played a lot of Phantasy Star Online on my standard TV and then later got the VGA adapter and switched to my computer monitor and I was really impressed with the improvement.

      But really, this Pier Solar HD edition is an upgrade from the original release that is a 16-bit video game for the Sega Genesis. Pier Solar HD is now out for the PS4 and it’s very significantly sharper and includes all new textures from the original 16-bit version.


  2. I have the Genesis and DC versions as well though I haven’t got to playing the game yet. I’ve heard some luke warm to negative things about the game itself but I agree the packaging and quality of the physical goods is very high. I just wish they didn’t take so agonizingly long to get the games out. whenever they give a release date its usually a safe bet to tack 2 or more years on to that date.


    • I’ve also heard the comments about Pier Solar. I’ve played and finished the game and off the top of my head I would give it a 7/10.

      There were some really frustrating puzzles… and I mean really frustrating.
      At times I felt like I was forced to move on when I really wanted to stay and grind for some more XP or find a place to heal and re-stock but I just could not.
      Some times I did not know where to go which was common for JRPG’s from the 90’s.
      There are not enough unique types of enemy’s or even enough unique patterns and groupings of these enemies.
      And there is no confirmation for dropping an item. I can’t count how many time I dropped an item by mistake only to have it be gone from the game forever!

      However, I kept playing because there is a lot more good than bad in this game. The graphics are excellent and the story is very cool and unique. This game is without question worth playing. It is not a homebrew. This is a very high quality Indie game.

      Oh yes, Watermelon Team is really slow at releasing games and not very good at setting release dates but for me all is forgiven just because of what they are actually accomplishing.
      Pier Solar is their first game and it falls just short of being a master piece. I am really excited to see how their next game, code named Project Y turns out!
      Maybe we’ll get a sequel to Pier Solar. If we do my guess is it will rock our worlds πŸ™‚


      • Well, I look forward to playing the DC release then. I will say they are pretty cool on a people level. When the first game finally shipped I actually did not receive it because it ended up going to my X’s who I recently split with after an extremely long term relationship. Well she neglected to inform me I got a package slip so the game actually shipped back to them. It was actually a very very bad time for me and I kind of just let it go and never bothered to contact them and get things fixed. I figured I wasn’t going to get the game. Well flash forward over a year later and I was encouraged by a friend to contact them about what happened. Anyways I did and explained what happened and they actually resent me the game, first print run and everything. After so much time had passed I didn’t feel they were under any obligation to but they did, I really appreciated that from them.


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