17 comments on “Volgarr the Viking for the Sega Dreamcast

  1. Nice. It’s pretty cool that Crazy Viking didn’t make this port, but let some really talented fans of their game have at it and do it right. Now all I need to to is see if one of the DC’s here buried in a bin is still functioning. They’re all older models and should run this just fine.


    • YEAH! Why am I not surprised that you’ve got lots of love for CRT’s? πŸ˜€

      I recently got myself a cap kit for my Neo Geo Wells Gardner k7000 CRT. I still have to find a new flyback as well. I want it running 100% and looking like it’s brand new!

      I also have a beautiful 32″ SONY Trinitron XBR CRT for my retro consoles. Got it for $50 on Kijiji and it’s like new.


      • Those XBR’s are great CRT’s….when they work. Ive had a lot of bad luck with Sony HD CRT’s but its probably just my luck. I know there are very high quality when they work.


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