4 comments on “Stone Age Gamer BitBoxes Vol. 2

  1. I tend to collect complete games, but if I see a cart-only game I haven’t played and it’s cheap enough, it gets added to the library. I have no aftermarket retro stuff at the moment thanks to low funds and no space left, but that’s where my world domination plans come into play (lol). All Your Base (and Boxes/Carts/Manuals) Are Belong to US! Or ME (lol)… 😀


    • I also try to buy complete games when it comes to Genesis and Master System but since I was late to the game with Nintendo I’ll make due with carts.
      I know all about low funds and low space! But I shall push on! Ever forward!
      I find your world domination plans very interesting geelw… cause I also have designs on your own Mega Drive collection. We shall see… we shall see…


  2. Hey buddy 🙂

    Another great article to read. I love those Bitboxes, eow so clean on the shelf and the covers look great. Really, really nice 🙂

    Sides, hope ur doing great… Enjoy your awesome collection! Invite me over one day 😉


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