11 comments on “To eBay or Not to eBay

  1. Thank you for sharing those and for the article….

    Keep it up Highly entertaining and educative Sega Dude.



    • Hi Luis,
      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sharing this kind of thing is a win-win for all gamers. The more people dive into forum communities the better the experience will be for everyone.


  2. I agree… Ebay is the pits now. All the deals that could be found have long since passed. As far as the forums go, I was hit really hard with the US/CAN exchange rate to the point where it wasn’t really worth it. Still, it was nice to receive some retro games in the post. My favourite places to buy games is of course Value Village (on the rare occasion that I find any here), or at gaming conventions. You usually have to look pretty deep at these conventions to find a deal, but that is where the fun is… in the hunt!


    • Hopefully someday soon the CAD dollar will get closer in value to the USD. That would make the forums a much better experience for sure.
      By far, most of my 98 Neo Geo MVS games have come from forums. *Most of that when the CAD was on par with USD.


  3. yeah, I closed by Ebay account long before 2007. One guy shipped me a book as in A condition and it had water damage. Another guy sold me a Palm Prism and the battery went down super quickly. He fought when I disputed it to Ebay, I had to pay the shipping back to him. Ebay is a corporation, a multi-billion dollar corporation, and I think we need to put our feet down as gamers. Buy from your local retro store. Buy from retro stores online, or start a local store and hire people. Buy from flea markets. Buy from other games through craiglist.
    Let’s stop feeding the Ebay monster.


    • Great comment Perry. I knew there were more people out there tired of eBay. I’ve been doing exactly what you’re describing. Hunting for games on forums, local retail stores, online stores, local classifieds and it’s working. There are options 🙂

      I once bought Metal Slug 5 for the Neo Geo MVS from eBay and when it arrived it was a bootleg (illegal by eBay’s own rules). I was able to prove it with help from forum members on neo-geo.com and from a site called http://www.mvs-scans.com. Despite this the seller denied it and eBay emailed me several times denying my claim. Eventually I got my money back but eBay never acknowledge that they finally sided for me. It was a bad experience and I don’t want to participate anymore.


  4. Oh, I still use eBay, but for selling odds and ends and buying stuff that’s not game-related unless I need a controller replacement, adapter or something else that’s cheap and has free to low shipping. If it’s a game I’m interested in, it’s got to be new and inexpensive as well as something I can’t get via trade or online elsewhere. Canadian and International buyers are being hosed royally ever since they added that dopey “ship to our USPS mailing center and we’ll handle the rest!” option that ends up costing buyers some MAJOR zenny (lol). One guy I sold something to was charged $18 extra (!) in fees when he got his stuff and I had NO idea until he sent me an email when he finally got his box.


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