7 comments on “Stone Age Gamer BitBoxes Vol. 3

  1. Wow 🙂 Everything is looking amazing. Soo nice.

    Just like my own collection you keep everything clean.

    Thanks for sharing, you make some of the best threads on retro gaming with pics.


    • Hey Luis! Thanks buddy!
      I enjoy my little blog for a bunch of reasons but I’ll admit it’s hard to write up something that would be truly interesting or enjoyable for others considering most of the content here is just stuff about my own personal collection. Which is why I try to include my costs and the little extra things I do with my stuff in the hopes that others might find something they also like for their own retro games.
      Most of what I do and discover comes from what other people are doing and I enjoy detailing anything that’s cool in the retro video gaming scene.

      Yes! I love a neat and tidy collection! But the reason my photos are also so close up to the book shelves is because most times the rest of my space is littered with stuff. Just below that last picture above, on the floor are two disassembled NES consoles. I’ve installed new 72 pin connectors and although they work somewhat now they are still not very reliable so I’m still poking around.


    • Thanks! Most any gem of a game in my collection I have to attribute to luck. I’ve been buying Sega SMS and Genesis games since the late 90’s when they were affordable. Only rarely have I paid over $100 for a Sega game like I did with Panorama Cotton for the Japanese Mega Drive; which cost me $120. At the time that felt really expensive but now it sounds like a bargain! This retro video game craze is in full swing!


  2. Im conflicted – I think the Vertical SNES boxes look good on the shelf, but it really seems that the Horizontal reproduction boxes are much more true to the original box art (color / text). Any suggestions one way or the other?


    • Hey David,
      I had the exact same thought when I was thinking about getting into BitBoxes. Because of the shape and style of these custom cases Vertical covers really do look best in them. And yeah, original SNES boxes went horizontal instead. I finally decided that since these are not original cardboard boxes and would never look original that I should just go with what looks best. I’m in deep now and I am very happy that I went with vertical.


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