11 comments on “Paprium is Coming! A Project Y Update.

  1. Hello, great article. It’s me, makinagenesis from the WM forums and @totalrecaller123 on twitter. My code, if anyone would like to help out, is 9385087.

    Long live WM.



    • Hey! Hello makinagenesis!

      I’ve added your code to the post above. I also have a similar thread at sega-16.com and I’ve added your code there too.

      “Long live WM!” I love it 😀


  2. It is kinda hard to tell. Is this a fighter or a side scroller beat em up? I ask because why the use of 6 buttons on this customer controller unless the game was actually a fighter?


    • I know what you mean. That joystick does look like it’s made for a fighting game like Street Fighter. But Paprium is definitely going to be a side scrolling (isometric) beat em up. Sometimes called a brawler or beat ’em all.

      I don’t how many buttons Paprium will use and if not all six maybe WM is just trying to make the stick compatible with all Sega Genesis / MD games.


  3. Send me your copy by mail and I ll sign it ; ) That’s for all your support. And again your gaming room is awesome, Maybe…. one day I can come by lol


    • That’s a really nice offer. Thank you Luis. I will take you up on it!
      And, I do need more buddies who want to play the retro games. You have an open invitation!


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