17 comments on “Game Room Update February 2017

  1. AMAZING! WOW… Awesome collection, I love your setup , its clean and it looks like allot of fun. I used to have an amazing Genesis collection all mint like yours, but years ago financially was not so good, I had to sell everything , sold it for 1500$ but the real value was at 2500$ at least. anyhow Im still very sad over it. Thankfully I have a Fully modded XBOX with component cables that I can still enjoy my Sega Genesis games pixel perfect : )

    Thank you for sharing, I wish I could come by and have some gaming sessions with you : P


    • Hey Luis,
      I hope I don’t ever have to sell. I’ll hold on tight for as long as I can! At least you were able to get some money for your games; and $1,500 is not nothing.
      It is great that there are many ways to be able to play these old games. Anyway you can do it is a good one.

      You have a standing invitation to come over any time! The hard part will be deciding what to play!


  2. That looks incredible! I’d like to take a photo of my own gaming room if I could find it through the storage boxes. My wife would appreciate me tidying it all up, so this gives me some ideas. 🙂


    • I’m really at the point where it feels like a big collection. We’ve all seen the real gigantic collections online and I’m not even in the ball park but I still have some mad loot! 😀

      I remember when all my games were in storage. There was peace of mind that I still had it but it’s so much more fun when it ALL comes out.

      If you manage to get your game room sorted out enough for a picture I would love to see what you got go’in on! What’s your favorite retro system in your collection?

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      • My collection as it is now is very Atari focused (2600, 8 and 16 bit computers and Lynx handheld) and then goes a lot of less retro with all shades of Xbox. But I’m looking forward to having my 8bit Atari computers hooked up to a big screen CRT and playing Star Raiders. 🙂


        • ah, Atari. Where it all began. My buddy has a bunch of loose Atari 2600 carts and they look great on display. I think (and my memory is poor here) Defender on the Atari 2600 was the first video game I ever played. A friend took me to his neighbors who had the console and I got to try it out.

          I checked out Star Raiders and I can see the appeal. Making those enemy ships look like Tie Fighters from Star Wars was genius. Are you familiar with the Texas Instruments TI 99/4A? That was the first computer I had at home and I loved some of the video games for it.

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          • I don’t think I’ve seen a TI99/4A but I may have. My grandfather owned a machine around that time for his business which was my first exposure to computers (even now he’s very smart on tech) and I remember playing a space invaders clone on it. Back then it was all glorious monochrome green screen! 🙂


  3. Lovely setup. Those shelves look fantastic. Much better then my unmatched shelves I’m currently using. 🙂 Perhaps one of these days another Ikea roadtrip is in my future as well.

    I love that small Toshiba TV you have right on the shelf along with your games. Is your TG-16 connected to that?

    Thanks for sharing!


    • My relationship with Ikea is totally a love/hate relationship! I wont touch press-board furniture anymore. But even Ikea’s hardwood stuff can be pretty poor quality too.

      That little Toshiba CRT TV is a real gem. Perfect flat screen and it’s new enough that is supports component inputs (not that I’ll use them). Despite the poor photograph above the picture quality on the Toshiba is amazing. I picked it up at a garage sale for $10; complete with remote.
      Yup, my TG-16 is hooked up to the Toshiba. It’s hard to see but I had Fantasy Zone running when I took the picture.


  4. This looks amazing! It’s great to see someone else collecting Neo Geo MVS games. My boyfriend is just getting into it and we only have about 6 games so far, but we are looking forward to finding more over the next while.

    I adore RPGs, so I was pretty happy to see such great games on your shelves like the Phantasy Star games among many others. You’ve definitely got a great spread of stuff to play! I’m so excited I found your blog!


    • I love my Neo Geo MVS collection. It’s not often that you’ll come across MVS carts but many are still very affordable and really worth playing. Which games do you have so far?
      Any Samurai Showdown, King of the Fighters and Metal Slug are awesome to have.

      Phantasy Star is a big one for me. Love that series!

      If you’re still into the 16-bit RPG’s you should check out Pier Solar for the Genesis. You can pre-order it direct from the creators here: http://magicalgamefactory.com/en/factory/shop/

      For both playing and collecting it’s really worth having.

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      • So far we’ve got Neo Turf Masters, Blue’s Journey, Metal Slug 3, Super Sidekicks 2 and Puzzle Bobble. It’s quite a mishmash of stuff, but so far so good! We are certainly keeping our eyes open for cartridges at a decent price, that’s for sure. Thanks for the recommendations!

        I will check out Pier Solar as well. From what little I’ve been able to gather since reading your comment earlier, it looks like it might be worth picking up! Thanks again!


        • Ah, Puzzle Bobble! You’re Neo Geo Essentials Collection is complete! 😀

          Everyone with a Neo Geo needs Puzzle Bobble. I have a Neo-Geo 4-slot (can hold four games at once) and Puzzle Bobble is never taken out. What a fun game!

          It’s great that you have a Metal Slug game (also a must have). And Blue’s Journey is a fun platformer. If you like Blue’s Journey you should check out SpinMaster and Top Hunter. And if you’re into Golf I’ve been told many times that Neo Turf Masters is the ultimate golf video game.

          I’m surprised you haven’t found a fighting game yet for your Neo. There are sooo many.

          Yeah, take a close look at Pier Solar (For Genesis or Dreamcast). It’s easy to buy right now but that might all change in a year or so.

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          • I checked out the site you mentioned, and they’re back in pre-order mode for all the editions of Pier Solar until September. I will certainly look into it some more and maybe get on the pre-order list.

            I will also check out SpinMaster and Top Hunter. Blue’s Journey is so cute, so I’d love to find more games like it!

            My boyfriend’ll likely find a fighting game sooner than later. He’s mildly obsessed with Mortal Kombat, so hopefully he can find something along those lines. Once we get everything set up and running, he’ll likely do some streaming from the system. That’ll be a lot of fun to see. He’s built an arcade cabinet around the guts of the Neo Geo MVS, so I’m hoping to post something about that once he’s finally finished and will let me reveal it!


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