5 comments on “Barrie Game Exchange at the Red Barn

  1. It certainly looks like you made out really well at the game swap. These are some great finds! I especially love your copy of Psychic World. I got a copy recently, but it’s only the cartridge, and there’s a bit of label damage. Hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade to a complete copy some day. I’m in love with collecting for the Sega Master System.

    Either way, I followed your blog and am looking forward to reading more about your adventures!


    • Hey hungrygoriya!

      I did OK at the swap. I did spend a lot on Warsong but I love that game.

      The Sega Master System is a fun console to collect for. It’s easy to find them in good shape. If you’re anywhere near Woodbridge Ontario let me know and I can put you in touch with a friend who is always selling Master System games. You can email me at SegaDude@RetroMegabit.com and I’ll give you his details.

      I took one look at your blog and I followed right away! You’re my kind of people 😀

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    • I don’t actually know if Warsong is the only English Langrisser. It’s a shame if it is. It’s such a fun tactical game. Amazing music and high stakes since your Heroes are gone forever if they die! I played and completed this game back in the day. Love it. I reloaded sooooo many times to keep my Heroes alive!

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