9 comments on “Trading Games at the Flea Market

  1. Congrats on the deals!
    “I say street value because retro video games are like crack to some of us”- this was hilarious, ’cause it’s true! 😀


    • I still haven’t decided if these were ‘deals’ in the traditional sense of a bargain but I am happy about being able to unload a lot of stuff that was taking up closet space and getting some very cool games for the collection. And I might still be in denial about being completely and entirely hooked on retro gaming 😛

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  2. I’ve never heard of cardboard box for Genesis games. Is it a north american thing? I can’t remember of such thing for the megadrive…
    Anyway I’ve learned something!
    Nice pick up though, especially Sunset Riders which was a pretty good port of the arcade at the time. The Earthworm Jim figure is pretty neat too 🙂


    • Hey TomTom!
      Yeah, closer to the end of the Genesis Sega started using cardboard boxes. And as expected it’s hard to find them in good condition. The hard plastic clam-shell cases are much better. But I don’t want to turn down a good game because of the case it comes in. I’ve also started putting my cardboard case games into inexpensive clear plastic protective cases. They help keep the game from sliding out of the cover sleeve when you pick them up and these clear cases give the game a bit of a shine that often makes them look a little nicer.
      I’m looking forward to trying out Sunset Riders. It looks very good. I’ve heard it’s a hard game. One hit and your done!
      Earthworm Jim I found in a local store for $20 (maybe a year ago). I couldn’t pass him up. Mostly because I was so surprised to find a figure of a Sega character from the 90’s.


  3. If you are ever in the Lakefield Ontario on a Sunday, I too recommend that you head to the flea market and pay Fred a visit. This guy has some really nice stuff and since it is a bit of a secret location (well I guess not really secret anymore) his prices are more than fair. The Peterborough area seems to be the epicentre of good video game deals. I’m headed there next weekend to trade a bunch of stuff… wish me luck!


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