5 comments on “Pick-Ups – Sega Power Adapters and Two Nintendo Carts

  1. I remember when my parents got me the sega master system and tried to sell me on it like it was “Just as good as the Genesis!” Hahahahaha! Now I would love to have one! Excellent pics and content. Following you now buddy! 🙂


    • Hello VintageRetroMan!
      Oh, that would be a hard sell! Specially to a young kid. Those Genesis graphics! I dumped my Master System fast when I got the Genesis. It was nothing more than fuel for more Genesis games.
      Did you end up enjoying your Master System back then? Or did it never quite live up to the Genesis next gen glory? 🙂

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      • I know right! I kept it for a while after I got my Genesis on Christmas day 1991, but I did like Altered Beast for the master system. Actually, I dont know what ever happened to my master system! Could even be in my parents attic! HA! 🙂


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