6 comments on “The Big Three: Paprium, Tanglewood and Xeno Crisis

  1. These are exciting times to be a Genesis fan. It hasn’t been this strong in around 20 years :). Papi Commando Reload is also interesting since it seems to be licensed by TecToy, which breaks new ground for the Genesis indie scene.


    • These really are exciting times.

      I do have Papi Commando for my Sega Genesis (Purchased from WaterMelon Games) but I didn’t realize that Tec Toy has licensed it.

      Presumably so that they can produce and sell Papi Commando in South America?

      If that’s anywhere near the mark that is pretty amazing that modern day games built for 30 year old systems are finding distributors who want to resell the product.

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  2. Can’t wait for Paprium, looks nuts. Plus that arcade stick they’re selling should be a perfect addition to the MD controller line-up; micro switches and all.


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