5 comments on “Pick-Ups – Expanding into the Sega CD

  1. So many games I’d love to have but just to expensive. I ended up with a Sega CD back when it was still pretty new. My mom would sometimes do random things and one day out of nowhere she saw a listing in the paper (this was well before things like Craigslist) of a guy selling a Sega CD and a pile of games for $300 and asked if I wanted it. Well of course I did and her asking was quite a surprise since that was a lot of money for a working class family to just randomly spend. Anyways we went and picked up the lightly used system and games and I actually had a lot of fun with that system over the years. I never had any of the big time RPG which I regret not buying back then but I had a lot of fun with stuff like Third World War, Silpheed and Thunderstrike. The presentation of Silpheed blew me away back then with the the radio chatter, space battles and CD quality music tracks. Stage 5 is still one of my favorite game tracks ever.


    • Nice one! Super mom for sure. I can only imagine how awesome that day must have felt.

      I did wonder if games like Thunderstrike that don’t look very timeless today might have been fun when they were new. Third World War looks like it still might be a good RTS if it’s not too clunky.

      Silpheed is one I’ve played and yeah, it really does hold up very well.


      • I think thunderstrike holds up pretty well and is still fun to play. Third World War…well, yeah, very clunky. I don’t think many people would enjoy that game, it wasn’t great even then but then again I was a strange kid and I was really into geopolitical stuff even as a kid so a game like Third World War blew me away. I mean the ability to play as so many nations and conquer the world, develop your army and just the presentation. I never had a PC growing up other then an Amiga and a C64 so I missed out on the in depth strategy games PC gamers got and this was well before grand strategy games such as Hearts of Iron and games from Paradox so even though I think most would turn their noses up to that game it blew me away back then.


  2. Man, So awesome! That’s allot of amazing games in your collection. Sega CD really has some of nicest boxes I find.


    • You know, I use to hate these giant jewel cases that Sega CD and Sega Saturn games come in. I was always worried they would be very hard to find in good condition. But now that I’m into the Sega CD I’m finding it’s not so bad. And they do look pretty on a shelf 😛


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