5 comments on “Pick-Ups – Boxed Sega 32X

  1. When the 32X was coming out I was in heaven. I was still a massive Sega Genesis fanboy at the time, even with the Playstation and Saturn on the way. I stared at Gamefan and EGM and Gamepro magazines and just dreamed. The motocross game, Doom, MK2…I thought this thing was going to be a legend.

    I played one in a Kay Bee before it was released, and my heart sank. It was abysmal. I was shattered. Doom was so bad I was turning red. I remember the feeling of being let down so vividly. But in a sill way, after never picking one up when new, I want to find one in the wild and bring one home. Preferably in the box like yours. I still feel something for this system… But like the Jaguar, I can’t understand the ridiculous money these systems are bringing in today.


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