4 comments on “Pick-Ups – To be this good takes Analogue

  1. Nice score! Another friend has one and I got to see in in action and yep, that SG is a pricey wonder console. Good going on the getting one cheaper front!


    • Thanks! My resolve was getting weak so I’m happy I found this used Mega Sg. And it really is a joy to have. However, anyone still gaming on an original Genesis; don’t feel left out. A Genesis on a CRT TV or on an HDTV with something like a RAD2X is still a great way to play and much cheaper option.


    • Yes, the plan has always been to play my games. I do play my Genesis and Mega Drive games more than Nintendo at the moment. I’ve never beaten SNES Metroid or Zelda. I’ve been about 75% through each. I’d like to finish them.


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