4 comments on “Gothic Remake Playable Teaser Out Now

  1. Oh, I like the series as well (I still have the PR folder announcing the original Xbox version that was canceled!). The game demo here does need changes, BUT you have to remember that the game needs to cater to new players or else it’ll only sell to fans (not a way to expand the market). At least it’s not as awful as Arcania was (I don’t consider that part of the franchise at all, but I’ll admit to liking tiny parts of it once I divorced it from the series, lol)

    That said, changes are necessary in the new Gothic. The UI and targeting should be 100% optional (that’s a Gothic mode right there, lol), the hero needs less chat (add a slider for this, as some people like that stuff, lol), I’d drop cut scenes to once a chapter and optional (it’s easy to get lost in too much exposition, but letting you a see a recap as a memory jog helps in open world games where there’s so much to do). I like the overall updated look – some say it’s too bright, but the dev team could maybe add a palette option if UE4 can handle it.

    I’m glad they asked people to play this, as making games isn’t cheap and the demo shows enough that feedback can help make it even better.


    • Hey geelw,
      I’m glad you commented. You’re is a voice I do want to hear!

      Personally I don’t want any catering to new players. There’s enough of that going on with other games. Games like Dark Souls have shown that there is room for doing things differently. And catering also runs the risk of losing the current fanbase. Arcania lost me fast. Such junk.

      My concern about optional features is that the game will be built with the intention of having them on. Removing the need to craft a better world that would work without them. In my eyes this mentality has a huge unseen negative effect on a game.

      Updating the graphics… of course. It’s welcome. Updating the combat, well yes, that has to happen too, but they have to be care there as well.

      I’m soo excited! and soo scared too!


  2. Couldn’t agree more with point #3! UI elements in the playfield totally breaks the immersion. If a UI is needed, it should have its own space separate from the playfield.


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