8 comments on “Pick-Ups – Super Key and Sailor Moon!… really?

  1. With that Super Key, you’re good to go for any MD game on nearly any configuration, so modding a Genesis isn’t really necessary. I need to grab another one of those, as I can’t find mine and just have a simple Mega Key that only plays NTSC games. I have a PAL Mega Drive here as well, but it’s in a big bin of systems I don’t want to break my back getting into. That was a VERY good price on that combo, by the way!


    • I’ve read a lot about region mods for the Genesis and they seem cool. But I don’t know if I have what it takes to do it. I did like what I read about switchless region mods. Very cool. I’ve also considered adding Composite video and stereo jacks. Someday!
      I even have an FM sound card that I want to solder into one of my Master Systems. I seem to be good at spending the money but not good at the “doing” part 🙂
      So yeah, I’m glad to have this Super Key. I was surprised to hear you think I got it for a very good price. What do you think these things are worth? I also read that Sailor Moon is somewhat rare so because of that it was fun to add it to the collection.

      Also, I’d like to hear more about your big bin of systems! Sounds interesting. Any Neo Geo’s in there? 🙂


      • Back when I was in game retail at an indie shop here in NYC, we were selling Super Keys for about $20 or so, but I’ve seen them go for close to $30. I’m sure they can be had cheaper if you luck out and snap one up with no bids, but I haven’t looked one up in a while. I had that Sailor Moon game and yes, it’s kind of rare, so you got a nice deal overall.

        I actually use the stereo AV cable from my Duo in my Genesis or MD, so that’s a big improvement over the RF box (old SDTV in my work area, newer HD one in the other room), so I haven’t even considered modding for a better picture. Same here on the not so hot soldering skills, by the way. That and I don’t want to accidentally blow one of my systems up (I’d find SOME way to do it, trust me)…

        No Neo-Geos in the bins (other than a Neo Geo Pocket Color that’s on a shelf here that gets used on occasion) – Just a few Genesis systems, Sega/Mega CD add-ons, an extra Dreamcast, Xboxes, an N64, a few Saturns, a 3DO, Turbo Duo, Master Systems, my CD-i, MSX, two or three PlayStations, too many controllers, cables and other stuff.

        Amusingly enough, a friend of mine found a working Neo Geo system in the trash near his building last year with two games, so he got a very nice early Xmas gift. All he needed was a power supply (I think he paid something like $20 for one) and he was good to go.


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