12 comments on “Pick-Ups – The Sega Collection Might Have Peaked

  1. Ah, so you DID get a Panorama Cotton! Actually, you got an awesome deal (I paid more for mine back in the day), as the game wasn’t produced in large quantities ( i think it was 5000 copies or something) and it’s one of those showpieces that’s still in demand. Granted, Gunstar Heroes surpasses it in terms of what Treasure was able to do with the hardware (and I see that you’re new to it, so that’s even better when it’s experienced for the first time), but both are excellent additions.

    If you don’t own it yet, you may also want Treasure’s Yu Yu Hakusho game (the four-player MD fighter, not to be confused with the single player MD adventure game), as it’s pretty cool and also a nice technical showpiece. Alien Soldier, Dynamite Headdy and Treasure Land Adventure (yup, that McDonald’s licensed game treasure programmed) are also worth a look.

    If you like El Viento, look up Earnest Evans on the MD and Sega CD, as Annet makes a very brief cameo in the game (I think the game is sort of a side story/sequel of some sort). Earnest Evans is really bizarre, though, as the developer used a weird animation system in the game that has the hero moving like a puppet on strings as he runs and jumps around. You’ll die a lot before you get used to that game, that’s for sure… but it’s usually inexpensive, so it may be something you’d want to try out.

    Double Dragon II… eek. The less said, the better (it drove me nuts), but an arcade stick with big buttons helps. All the rest (except for Metal Fangs, which I’ve only played on an emulator and found it the same as you did) are gems to treasure, that’s for sure!


    • Hey geelw,

      Thanks for the comments. I’m glad to hear you think my Panorama Cotton was a good price. It still feels pretty expensive to me! (And you’re a good guesser by the way!)
      It also helps to hear that the print run for Pnaorma Cotton was not as big as many games. That adds some merit to it’s cost (a wee little bit). 😛

      And you’re right about Gunstar Heroes. What a great game. I wish I had enjoyed that one back in the day! It’s this good now it would have blown my mind back then.

      I do remember seeing Yu Yu Hakusho on ebay once and I considered it because I hadn’t seen it before and it looked interesting but it was too expensive for a game I didn’t know anything about. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

      I do like El Viento and did read somewhere that Earnest Evans was related to it some how but the weird character animation did put me off. Your description of a string pupet really nails it. I wonder why they chose to do it that way? But if it’s not too expense there’s a good change I’ll get it someday 🙂


      • I did beat Panorama Cotton once before I sold it just to make sure I could say I played it. I liked it better than Space Harrier 2 in terms of visuals and challenge, but I always thought Success put more work into their Cotton games anyway. Well except for Rainbow Cotton on the Dreamcast. That looks fantastic, but I hated the auto-centering thing SO much. I bought that stupid game twice and never finished it because I found it too frustrating.

        That said, I like Space Harrier 2 a lot. To the point that I wish Sega would have continued the franchise on every console up to today’s generation of systems.

        BTW: if you have a Mega Key, keep an eye out for Brazilian MD games, as I recall Yu Yu Hakusho was released there (and might be less expensive than the Japanese one).

        I think Renovation was inspired by Gerry Anderson’s puppet sci-fi shows when they did Earnest Evans. That’s the ONLY thing I thought of while trying to play that game. I know one person who actually completed the game (after MUCH time spent mastering it) and he says it’s not that bad at all. The funny thing is, I recall back in the late 90’s some shop going out of business that sold Genesis stuff had something like a dozen copies each of Earnest Evans, a bunch of sports titles, The Ooze, Generations Lost and Light Crusader all for five bucks each and I passed them all up! I had Light Crusader and the Ooze already, GL looked awful to me (it was made, i think using a lot of X-Men assets) and I’d given up on ever completing Earnest Evans (but I think I’ll try it again for old time’s sake)…


  2. I made it all the way through your post, really interesting finds! I only knew about half of them. Seems like a bargain as well!
    I like Space Harrier.. now I really want Panorama Cotton as well >__< Need to expand my game room!! 😀


    • Yay! You made it all the through my super long post! You rock! geelw too!
      I love that you have a game room. A whole room. I have a half basement with my stuff… but not a place just for my games. Although, someday when I have money again I plan on buying a second shelf to expand my collection into.
      I get the impression the geelw might need several gaming rooms 🙂


      • I just bought three new shelves and they got filled immediately >_< Now everything is piling up on the couch next to the shelves.. I need to rearrange the room and get even more shelves! It's a never ending cycle! haha ^_^


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