8 comments on “Pick-Ups – Mega Drive JNTSC and PAL Games

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  2. Nice pickups! Gotta love finding things you want locally. If you don’t mind me asking, why did you close your eBay account? Have you been having any problems with eBay? I had to actually call customer service a few weeks ago to sort out a partial refund for one of my auctions, and I hope I never have to do that again. Talk about a test of patience! 😦


    • Hey chopstick samurai!

      I found that I wasn’t getting good value from ebay. With the exchange rate, typical high costs of retro games on ebay and junk like “global shipping service” I was no longer feeling good about my purchases. And yes, if you ever have to talk to ebay it is a huge pain in the butt.

      I don’t want to be subject to them anymore. So for now I’ll stick to local finds and forums. Who knows how long this will last but I feel that I should try alternatives. Worst case scenario I’ll end up saving some money.

      Actually, my plan now is if I just can’t find games I want to buy and I really need to scratch that itch I’ll use the money I didn’t spend and hunt down hard to get Japanese Mega Drive games and offer maybe $200 USD each for them. Games like, Alien Soldier, Pulse Man, Battle Mania 2, Twinkle Tale, etc.

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      • I totally dig that, prices on eBay for old games is pretty crazy these days. I don’t think I’d be able to go cold turkey on eBay though. I just buy so much other junk not game related from there too. 🙂 Give the exchange rate some time. I’m sure with our new President our money will be worth next to nothing before too long…


        • LOL! I’m not sure what to hope for 🙂

          I also like ebay for other things. It’s often a good place. But if I didn’t close my account I know I would continue the retro shopping. No harm taking a break. I also want to find more time to play these games and I’ve got plenty to play!

          I just read your post about your XRGB Framemeister. I always hear good things about it. And now production is going to stop? I really want one but it’s just too much for me. And I haven’t been off ebay long enough yet to save much money 🙂


          • I’m not one for self control either, so I totally feel you there. 🙂 Lately I’ve been trying to trim the fat from my collections and let things go that I no longer feel excited about. Then I’ve been using the proceeds on my various sundry hobbies. So that’s how I finally bit the bullet on the Framemeister. I always had sticker shock too. But when I sell a few things to buy something new I can rationalize it as a trade of sorts and not just spending money out of pocket.

            The Framemeister is pretty great. I should post more to my neglected blog about it. If you decide to pull the trigger I got mine from Solaris Japan and their service was great. The Open Source Scan Converter is also a thing that’s coming, and by all reports it might be cheaper and is less expensive then the Framemeister as well.


  3. Nice. I have a small set of PAL MD games here – some run fine, others need an adapter. ebay is horrible at the moment for deals unless it’s games that have yet to be seen as big must-haves. Trampoline Terror, for example, isn’t too badly priced unless it’s sealed of course, the usual suspects are all shooting upwards, but so are bootlegs and repros in some cases.


    • Yeah, it use to be that only the Neo Geo AES collectors had to worry about bootlegs being passed off as the real thing. I actually find myself wondering if the popularity of retro games will stay strong. Will the next generation of gamers care about stuff from the 90’s? …cause I’d like to buy MD Twinkle Tale for $20 someday 🙂


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