9 comments on “Three Mega Drive Games – New Additions

  1. Oh, man…. my younger brother and I busted Sword of Sodan wide open back when it was released because he bought the game and was so annoyed then amused that we played it too many times to get his money’s worth. Thanks to experimenting, we found that potion trick on the second day with the game, figured out the pit jumping (they’re absolutely not “invisible” as you noted. The slash move and noting the hit detection are the keys to winning, and I think we got to the point where we’d both be able to ply through the game start to finish on maybe two lives.

    Anyway, I find it amusing (and odd) that some people who fall back on the crotch stabbing move also call the game homoerotic or whatever. Why can’t games be seen as what they are and not some automatic barometer of someone’s sexual preferences? Maybe a bad game is just a bad game and that’s that.

    Er… Unless it’s a Choaniki game.. then, yes… it’s a little bit “gay”… but in an intentionally campy way.

    Rent-A-Hero is amazing, but you’ll have to hunt down the translation (I’m not sure if it was ever completed as I don’t follow the ROM scene). The annoying thing about this great game is Sega passed over it for a US localization (too Japanese for western tastes, I’d say) and there was a Dreamcast update that also never saw the light of day in the US. Worse, the Xbox port of the Dreamcast game WAS localized about 80 – 90% into English, but the project got canned. I actually still have a build of that version I got when I was writing for another web site (I did a few reviews of the game, one of which is here: http://www.digitpress.com/reviews/rentahero.htm) and it’s a shame it never got a proper US release, as it’s pretty funny stuff.

    Super Hydlide also gets called the “worst” game in a few places, but given that there were a bunch of games in the series made for the MSX (that got better with each new game) and later a Sega Saturn game called Virtual Hydlide (which is kind of awful at first, then once you get used to it it gets pretty decent, especially the last stage with the weird visual design), I tend to defend the franchise a tiny bit. The game is a bit daunting for younger players, but I recall spending a lot of time with it and while I never finished the game, I got far enough to appreciate it more than people who played for an hour or two and tossed it aside. Then again, I played way too many RPGs on the Genesis, so stuff like Faery Tale Adventure or Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday (which some hate intensely) I’d defend at least a little for what they do right over the things they do wrong…


  2. Man, I’ve never heard of Sword of Sodan, but now I really want it, be it bad or good, doesn’t matter, it looks interesting! 😀

    but RPG’s.. pfft.. don’t have the time! >_< There's actually only one RPG I try to follow and take the time to complete, and that's the Final Fantasy series ( I know, super cliché ).. but even there I only had the time and energy to finish three of them, VII, X and XIII. I loved all three of them 😀 But I only go through an RPG maybe once every 2 or 3 years haha..


    • I actually think you’d like Gauntlet IV a lot, as you can play the non-quest Arcade mode and get through it in a MUCH shorter time. But I think you’ll want to play the quest at some point because the fast-paced gameplay will hook you in. I actually didn’t think it would work as a RPG, but it was a nice surprise because Tengen kept it simple by not changing the core gameplay.

      Also try Cadash (another arcade “port” that’s a psuedo-RPG), Wardner, Rastan Saga II (goofy fun and another Arcade game), Wonder Boy IV and V(for starters)…


  3. You have a great collection of MD games. I used to collect JP MD Games. Had around 50, some of my games…Sunsoft JP Batman in the small box, U.K cardboard box Double Dragon, US Technocop, JP Rainbow Islands & Newzealand Story. Still kept JP Strider, love the box art!


    • Thanks TAGGSTA! Sometimes I feel a little out of control when I see how fast my collection is growing but I really do enjoy it.
      Did you end up trading or selling your MD games just to focus on your OutRun collection? That Sunsoft Batman is an excellent game! Newzealand Story was also a favorite of mine.
      Tell me something, does that sign on the Outrun screen actually say “I’ve taken a nut.”? 🙂
      I have a few co-workers from London and I’m pretty sure that means it’s out of order and I couldn’t help but get a good chuckle out of it.
      So many of the Japanese Mega Games have great artwork (Like Strider). That’s why I put my Japanese games on the left shelf in my collection; they’re more prominent in the room from there.


      • I sold my jap collections of MD, SFC, Saturn, Dreamcast, N64 and PC Engine GT & Nomad to fund other things in life….moving from the UK to Aus being one of them. Still have the odd JAP game knocking around in boxes. Have 2 360’s, PS3 and Wii with a fare few retro games on them…..brought some games so many times lol

        The OutRun machine says ‘Ive Taken a Hit’ ‘Someone will be back shortly to fix the issue’
        Like ‘Taken a nut’ more tho lol.


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