10 comments on “Three Mega Drive Games – New Additions (Magical Taruruto Kun…)

  1. The chick on the cover of mega panel is hot, but is very misleading. I can’t help but feel let down that Sega would go through the difficult effort of making the game cover look sexy, but the actual game play be lackluster and dull. That’s what Atari used to do, but at least they have the excuse that it was the late 70’s!


    • Hey Jonathan,
      Yeah, the Playboy Bunny on the cover doesn’t seem to have much to do with the game. Unless she is the subject of one of the levels. But her outfit and blue hair look very thoroughly Japanese and she seems right at home on the cover. Maybe Namcot did stoop to the level of ‘sex sells’. But still it seems pretty tame and the actual game does get some attention too 🙂
      As for Atari… I don’t think they had much choice. Games back then weren’t much more than a few lines and even fewer colors. Without pretty covers you wouldn’t know if you were buying a game or a pad of grid paper.


  2. Oh, the sexy gal thing has been done so many times in Japanese games that there are people who collect these games for their covers alone. I don’t, but I happen to have a few games with cute gal cover art. One of my favorites is Bing Bing! Bingo:


    BTW, Magical Taruruto Kun is by Game Freak, who would later bring the world the Pokemon craze, so it’s a nice buy for historical purposes.

    Aladdin was one of the better licensed games made and that’s thanks to David Perry and his team who whipped up the game in record time from what I recall. It still holds up to this day as a spectacular game, but then again, there were quite a few Disney games at that time that were really well done – Mickey Mania, Quackshot, Castle of Illusion and of course, Aladdin being some of the best.


    • I love how much you know about gaming history. It’s great to hear that Game Freak has been around this long and is doing so well.

      Looks at the size of those eyes on Bingo Bingo! Bingo chick!

      It’s too bad you don’t have a room you can use just for your collection. It’s becoming clear to me that you have so much more than I’ve seen. Will there every be a day where you can take one picture and capture you’re whole collection of Retro Video games? 🙂


      • Amusingly enough, I actually DID take a few pics of the collection in bulk a few years back (maybe around 2000 – 2001), but they were regular film photos (hey, I was late to the digital camera thing) and I can’t find them anymore. Still, I do need to do that again at some point. The living room is big enough to stack stuff up, but it’s a big deal to move everything from two rooms to one. Er, wait… THREE rooms, as I have my PS3 stuff in the living room entertainment center…


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