7 comments on “Pier Solar HD Kickstarter

  1. I just got around to reading this news in my inbox and yup, it’s awesome. I did a quick post about it as well (you’ll see it pop up in your inbox), and it looks like they’ll make that target pretty soon. I wish I had the seven grand for that trip to France, as it’s been about 16 years since I was out that way… Ah well – getting the game (finally!) will be enough for me.


    • Yes, I think Watermelon Team will make their target too. I just checked and they’re at $71,000 of $139,000 and they still have 26 days to go.
      I wish I had the $1,000 for the custom Dreamcast or to become a Boss in the game. Either would be a lot of fun but the the money is just too much for me.
      And since you’ve missed the 16-bit version you’ll get to enjoy your first experience with Pier Solar in very nice HD goodness.


    • Thank you Luis. You’re too kind 🙂
      And thank you for sending me your message with the news of this HD edition. Even though I had already thrown my money at the game it was nice to know you had my back!

      By the way I check your deviantart site for more concept art for Project Y. I’m eager to see more of your work.


      • Soon! We are busy working on concepts, engine test`s, and allot of time promoting Pier Solar HD, Time is flying to meet our goal. Without it, very difficult to get Pier Solar HD.


    • Yes, a $500 is a ton of money. Only for the rich. I’m sure you could pick us the re-release edition of Pier Solar online for much less. But I know you’re not a huge RPG fan so if you’re currious about Pier Solar I think you have the right idea. $15 for the XBLA download is a great deal. But it’s still an RGP. If you ever try it out I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. 🙂


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