10 comments on “Mega Drive – New Additions (Battletoads…)

  1. Nice additions! Battletoads is a classic and hard as hell in spots. It’s too bad that after the SNES games they made, Rare never revisited these characters on any new platforms, as I’d have LOVED to see how they’d do in 3D or as a retro-themed 2D remake. The arcade game is still pretty amazing…

    I recall there being a special controller for After Burner II or some other flight games on the MD, but I’m too lazy to go check the manual in my copy of the game. I think it’s called the XE-1 or something. One was on eBay a few years back, but I didn’t bid on it because I recall it was sold as-is with no packaging, and that’s the kind of thing I’d want complete.


    • Thanks geelw. I also love those 3D rendered remakes of these classic games. Mega Man and Ghouls and Ghosts for the PSP are some of the best examples in my books.
      I didn’t know that Battletoads came from the arcades. That’s pretty cool. I’ll have to check it out and compare the differences.
      I use to get excited about special game controllers but they never really enhanced anything for me. Well, except for the Light Phaser. Joysticks guns worked well and Steering Wheels were OK.


      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battletoads

        Heh, oops – my mistake (hey, I’m old!). All the BT games are different as you’ll see (the arcade game came later, but think it’s never gotten a proper console port). If that wiki post is correct, the Genesis/MD version was ported by Arc System Works (they later did the Guilty Gear series of 2D fighters). I always thought they got started with Exector, a REALLY bad PSOne import, so you learn something new every day!


        • That’s interesting. I wonder what other video games started at home first and then landed in the arcades?
          I was also surprised when I first saw there was a Battletoads and Double Dragon cross over. At first I didn’t believe it was real 🙂 But it is, and it looks like it could be a good beat em up.
          I don’t have it and I have never tried it but I am on the look out for a copy.


          • BT/DD is fun and pretty much a DD game in the BT universe and vice versa. I was surprised to see the ‘toads NOT show up in Double Dragon Neon, but that’s licensing for you. I think the fans should be screaming for them to reappear at some point because those games were HARD as hell, but memorable. I only played the arcade game twice, but it’s one of those that was totally mindblowing because it was so over the the top for that era:


            • Thanks for this video. The arcade version really does look good. And I’m surprised how some levels seem to switch from isometric view to side scroller.
              I bet it was fun to play. I even liked the ‘beat up the space jet’ bonus stage. It reminded me of the Street Fighter II car bonus stage. 🙂


    • I watched a video of Battletoads for the Famicom and I was impressed! Sure it didn’t look as good as the 16bit Mega Drive version but it was very good! What an awesome 8bit version of the game!
      It’s too bad the Mega Drive version is so expensive. But add it to the list and keep and eye out for a good deal 🙂 It is a cool game.


        • Well, the SNES game is not only different (Battletoads in Battlemaniacs):

          it’s better and CRAZIER than the other versions, period. Some areas are similar, but the game is harder than it was before.There’s also Battletoads vs. Double Dragon (!) for the MD and SNES/Super Famicom, but that pretty much plays like you think it would.

          I just now found out that there’s a MASTER SYSTEM version of Battletoads in Battlemaniacs just called Battlemaniacs, so now I just HAVE to see this in action…

          I think this was a Tec Toy release in Brazil, as I know the SMS and MD/Genny were still getting games for both systems long after they were dead here. Don’t hold me to that statement, though!


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