6 comments on “Mega Drive – New Additions (Dragon Slayer II & Light Crusader)

  1. It’s odd that there are no decent DSII MD videos on YouTube, but I guess that’s because it’s a RPG and probably hasn’t gotten a fan patch yet. I know there are some for a few other ports of this Falcom game (I think each one is a bit different) and it’s too bad this was never localized, as it came out pretty late in the system’s lifespan.

    Did you get the cloisonne pin inside the box as well? The game was one of at least two RPGs I know of that came packed with one. The other is Surging Aura (which I think is still kind of tricky to track down, but not impossible)…


    • I didn’t know DSII came with a pin! But I do have Surging Aura and I did get the pin that came with it. I’ll post that new addition in a bit.
      And I have started noticing that there are a lot of games that did get fan translation. It’s really very cool. I wish it was easier to burn ROM to carts. I think it would be awesome to get these translations onto physical carts. I’ve seen people selling them but they go for about $60-$80 per game. I wonder if they are using donor carts or getting/making new printed circuit board…


  2. Dragon Slayer for the PC Engine was really cheap, I got it a while back. Never played it though.. since I’m not that into RPG’s ;D
    I almost bought Light Crusader last week! The European Mega Drive version though.. but I ended up choosing Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker instead ;D


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