2 comments on “Beggar Prince from Super Fighter Team is back!

  1. Yup. I KNEW you would be jumping on this news fast. And what? ONLY two copies? 😀 I have to admit, SFT has been on the ball this last year. Two new Genesis titles and this unexpected reissue? Nice. I actually need to get Nightmare Busters, but I’d thought I missed out on it completely. it’s good to see it still available (for the moment, at least)…


    • This post came from pure excitement 🙂 I didn’t think I’d ever have a chance to get Beggar Prince and then POW! Here it is.
      I just want to do my small part to make sure as many people as possible know.

      Do you do you a copy of Beggar Prince? You should grab it while you can and Nightmare Busters (for SNES) too!

      Or… I can suggest that trading idea again if you like 😀


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