6 comments on “Oh Mummy Genesis by 1985 Alternativo

  1. My cartridge of Oh Mummy Genesis died some months ago. I only get a black Screen after booting 😦
    It seems that the complete cartridge is made of very cheap materials.
    I hope that you have more luck with your copy.


    • That sucks! It would be a shame if the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is as cheap as the plastics. Maybe you’re cart just needs a good cleaning? I’ve had many cartridges not work but every time cleaning them brought them back to life.
      Try rubbing the cart contacts with 99% Isopropyl. If that doesn’t do it take the PCB out of the plastic case and rub the contact with a pink eraser (must be the pink kind) and then clean the contacts with 99% Isopropyl again. I think it’s really worth a shot.


        • Thanks for the link to the image. I have seen that style of PCB before. It’s very common in reproductions/bootlegs. I’m guessing it’s easy to source and cheap to buy. It looks like the plastic is there to allow the board to fit into a standard Genesis cartridge case.
          The label on my copy is also pealing off along the top too. Just like the one you’ve pictured. That’s another example that the components used for Oh Mummy Genesis were a bit too much on the cheap side.


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