6 comments on “It’s Alive!!! Phantasy Star as it always should have been… by SMSPower.org

  1. Yikes, that’s a LOT of work just to get that (c)Lassic running. But it’s worth it if you’re that pleased and the game can finally be played without those pesky abbreviations and other stuff. 😀


    • The Flash Cart really is the more realistic way. I’ve also tried playing the ROM on my Genesis Flash cart with the PowerBase Mini FM cart and you can actually get FM sound while playing on an actual Genesis.
      What are your impressions of the SMS Power Phantasy Star? Enjoyed it? Preferred the original?


      • I didn’t get to play it much before I put my jp sms in storage and moved but I have the cart here and after being inspired by your blog to buy a sms i’ll be giving it a play to completion once my FM module arrives. From what I did play I enjoyed it more if only for the FM music.


        • Nice! Hold on tight to that Japanese SMS! That’s a really nice console to have. It’s great to hear you’re getting back into the SMS… and installing the FM Unit too! You’re not messing around 🙂
          I really do think it’s a very fun mod for the system.


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