6 comments on “AVS, the HD NES by retroUSB

  1. $200 sounds pricy for a system just to play your NES games on your HD TV. I thought the retron 5 was great… but as you say, there were problems (the super tightness of the pins, not all games being compatible, a crappy controller, etc.) I’ll take it back and trade it at the next game show. Save the date of Sunday May 29th!


    • Oh, I would love that price point too!
      But if the AVS does hit perfect NES emulation then I might still pick one up. The Retro DUO is the only clone I’ve purchased (Bought for $50 sold for $30) and I think I might be ready to try again.
      The AVS cost is half of the amazing XRGB-mini Framemeister which is a big plus but at the same time the $400 XRGB-mini can be used on all your retro consoles… but it’s also much more complex to use.


      It’s tough being a retro freak!


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