6 comments on “Local Retro Pick-Ups, Genesis and NES

  1. NICE HAUL! Yeah, I had to yell that, lol. It’s hard as hell to find deals like that here, although a pawn shop nearby has slowwwly been getting in a few games I may need to pick up. I’m surprised that you’re not into the Game Gear until recently, but hey – you’re getting off to a fine start with a nice, new(-ish) handheld to play on.


      • http://segaretro.org/List_of_Game_Gear_games


        I’d recommend the handful of RPGs: Defenders of Oasis, Crystal Warriors, Shining Force: Sword of Hayja, Golden Axe Warrior (same as the SMS version), Dragon Crystal (which is Fatal Labyrinth with a minor tweak to it), the Sonic games, Tails’ Adventure, Sonic Drift 2, Dynamite Headdy, G-Loc, Chakan, Chase H.Q., Outrun, and a few others.

        I need to go through my carts here and pull out stuff that’s fun. Now I need my old GG fixed or to luck out like you and get one like that.

        The system plays imports out of the box, so you’ll be wanting to look into a few. Gunstar Heroes isn’t cheap, but if you find one in the wild up there, I’d actually NOT be surprised. You won’t ever (okay, maybe you might, lol) find a Panzer Dragoon Mini for a song. I wish I kept my copy, as it’s a stupidly expensive game to locate. It’s not even much of a good game, but that name and rarity… you know, lol.


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  3. 55 bucks pour un contra en loose, j’ai eu le mien complet pour le méme prix ! le retro est vraiment devenu fou .
    greetings from France ^^

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    • Hello Girac!

      I put your message into a translator and this is what I got:

      “55 bucks for a contra in loose , I had the full mine for the same price ! the retro is really mad”

      When did you get your boxed Contra? Recently or a long while back?

      You are correct the retro scene is really mad and I guess that includes me too! 🙂

      It was hard for me to have a small NES collection that did not include Contra. So I bit the bullet. But my $55 is Canadian so that would be about $42 USD… which doesn’t sound much better.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      And greetings from Canada!!


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