10 comments on “Pick-Ups – Gleylancer Has Come Home!

  1. Cool pickup! The cost on that game is pretty outrageous for a complete copy, so even though you paid a bit of a premium for that cart, it still ended up a good deal.


    • Thanks geelw. I knew I could count on you to support my habit! 😀
      This game has really surprised me. It’s a lot of fun and has a lot of polish. I have no idea why it didn’t leave Japan.

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      • Well, it could be there were too many shooters on the Genny and the game wasn’t seen as doing anything better or different by any US publisher who saw it. Just a guess, though…


    • I know you’re also fond of He-Man and I’m surprised you didn’t know this. The Masters of the Universe are awesome and so is Gleylancer. This was a really enjoyable post to write!


  2. Cool! I’m glad that you finally got your complete copy of Gleylancer. It’s a decent shmup and the cover artwork is really awesome.

    Sadly, prices on eBay are absolutely insane atm. 😦 I paid 80€ for my complete copy + reg card several years ago…


    • You got a great price on your Gleylancer. But I bet several years ago when you bought the game it felt very expensive at the time. Now you know how well you did!
      I’ve actually noticed ebay sellers listing Registration cards for games. I can’t believe that’s a thing. For me a game is complete if it has a case with cover art, manual and cartridge. And Maps if that’s something the game originally came with.
      eBay is insane and I’m contemplating close my account (again…). I’m weak, but I try!


  3. You are absolutelly crazy hahaha!

    But man verry cool, I thought I had s great collection but your surpassing outhere 🙂 Very happy you enjoy it . Its true there is something so satisfying in collecting for old school gaming 🙂

    Christmas is around the corner, enjoy some of those awesome games. And man, what a awesome collection you have 🙂

    See you !


    • Yes, recently I have added a bunch of expensive games to the collect. And it feels great but I do have to enter a cool down phase for a while or it will be trouble 🙂
      I have been making more time to play these games and I’m a happier Dude for it! I think it’s awesome that I’m enjoying video games from the 80’s and 90’s as much as modern games.

      Luis, I would love to see your collection sometime. You have any pictures? What are you into?


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