6 comments on “Pick-Ups – Sega Mega Drive, Almost Spectacular!

  1. You’re crazy, but all us collectors are, lol. That said, MAN, I wish I still had my Gleylancer here. I sold mine on ebeg a few years back and it went for LESS than the bootlegged version someone posted at the same time… while being the ONLY complete CIB one on the site at that point in time, grrrr!


    • I was hoping I could somehow dodge the ‘crazy’ status, but I think you are correct. 🙂

      You geelw seem to have had all the serious gems at one point in time. You really know the good stuff. That’s insane that a bootleg outsold your authentic version. And so upsetting too!

      Strange things happen on ebay. Some things get bid up in a frenzy when they should not and overs get overlooked.

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  2. The funny thing is, the guy who won mine bid on the other one as well and had the gall to message me to ask if MINE was real, lol! I think I reported the bootleg, but it sold before it got taken down. I forgot what the final bid was, but I think it was close to $40 or more than mine went for, lol!

    Oh, crazy and focused is GOOD. Crazy and grabbing anything in sight, wanted or not? That’s nuts, lol. I went through a VERY brief phase of that a long time back.


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