7 comments on “Collecting like it’s 1998!

  1. How hilarious! I paid ten bucks or less a pop for my first batch of Japanese MD games as well. I believe they were: Shining and the Darkness, Darwin 4081, Tetris (bootleg), Burning Force, Space Harrier II and one other game I forget. I still have them, but not the receipts, sadly…


    • I was surprised that I had that receipt all this time. It was a fun look back.

      Where you able to play your Japanese Shining and the Darkness? I remember playing the Genesis version with a friend and we were a bit disappointed that it was all a dungeon crawl. I’d like to revisit it and see if I like it more now. I remember thinking the graphics were amazing at the time. Even now a lot of it still looks great.


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  3. I’m wondering if the prices will keep rising with Genesis or kind of level out or what. Seems like they keep going up and up with some titles (on eBay, I mean). I regret selling a few that are already climbing like Cadash and Batman. Some others that I got in the 90s (maybe from Funcoland? Memory fails) like MUSHA and Flink go for much more now.

    Shining in the Darkness is a bit of a slow one. I never got too far into it, but became interested in 1st person dungeon RPGs after enjoying Etrian Odyssey and then going back to play the original Wizardry. I think they actually are better if you get out real pen and graph paper — yes, even in year 2017! Try it.


    • Hey Matt!

      It’s a really good question. I don’t know if Genesis game prices will keep rising like they have been. Personally I think the Retro scene has been cooling off a bit. I’ve noticed that there are good prices to be had if on game forums but you have to be patient and wait. I’m tired of ebay prices and I’ve stopped using ebay.

      Both Cadash and Batman are really good games for the Sega Genesis. I recommend both. I found that those two games are still really fun to play. They’ve aged very well!
      If you want to get them again try real hard to resist really high prices. Go to a few retro gaming forums and post a ‘want to buy’ list.

      I agree that Shining in the Darkness is a bit slow. Back in the day when it was new the graphics were soooo amazing that it’s looks made up (a bit) for the pace of the game. I also played Etrian Odyssey and I liked it for a good long while but I also got bored with it. Now Wizardy is a very cool old school game. Good pick! Yeah, a lot of old retro games benefit from having a pencil and grid paper handy 🙂

      Hopefully you kept your MUSHA. The price on that game is insane. I’ll never pay $300-$500 USD for a single complete Genesis game. That’s just too much. Although recently I have paid about $200-$260 CAD each for a few games. But that wont happen often.


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