4 comments on “Pick-Ups – Boxed Sega Control Stick

  1. I really wonder how could those toys have been used by kids in the 80’s and still have such mint boxes today!
    As far as I am concerned, even if back then I had the idea of keeping a box (which I had not), I am pretty sure of what look my parents would have given me!

    Anyway, those are some impressive pieces!


    • I remember keeping my Master System box and my Genesis box just to have something to transport my console to my friends place. Which inevitably ruined them over time.
      Aside from that I never dreamed that someday I’d actually care about the boxes!
      And yeah, I can only image what my parents would think if I tried to save all my boxes. That would add up pretty quick.


      • Caring about boxes is a thing; but dreaming of styrofoam is a few steps higher! ^^
        Joking aside, these pictures make my eyes sparkle 🙂

        Besides that, your boxed Master Systems show a cartridge included game… Mine had Safari Hunt & Hang-on inside the console itself as a built-in game. As the console box only advertise those two games, does that means that there is no built-in game at all in these models? I did’nt know that had been a thing!


        • Ha! Yeah, I went a bit nuts on this.

          The model 1 Master System does have different games built in. Some have the Snail Maze Game, others Hang-on & Safari Hunt. And some with just Hang-on or just Safari Hunt. So I think a system that came with a Hang-On/Safari Hunt cartridge would have the Snail Maze Game built in.

          Come to think of it, I somehow forgot to include my Sega Master System 3-D glasses with my accessories. I’m loosing it! I’ll update soon.


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