4 comments on “Pick-Ups – Guelph Video Game Swap 2017 Plus

    • I think Ottifant is a fictitious creature that is very much like an Elephant. In the world of Sega it’s a cute platforming animal… at least it is in Europe and Brazil. This game never made it to North America.


      “The Ottifant is a creation of German comedian and actor Otto Waalkes. The name is a portmanteau of Waalkes’ nickname Otti and the German word for elephant.”


  1. As the host of Guelph Video Game Swap and Owner of Brodie’s Gaming we invite you back to our Feb 18, 2018 Winter Show and first show of 2018. Thank you for posting your recent finds at our show. We hope to see and many others at our local show. 57 Watson Parkway South The Legion from 11-4. Please stop by and say hello. Brodie Beamish


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