6 comments on “Pick-ups – Sega CD Model 1

  1. What games would you recommend for the Sega CD? Personally I only know of Sonic CD as a must-play, but the rest of the library is a mystery to me. I need 5 titles for a system to warrant buying it, and I’m looking for excuses to buy a Sega CD.


    • I’ve played a lot of Popful Mail and it’s excellent. Lunar is also great if you’re OK with the old school JRPG formula.

      Android Assault is a very cool shooter. I think I actually like it more than Lords of Thunder; which is good cause Android Assault is a fair bit cheaper.

      What really surprised me is Silpheed. The graphics are very plain but the butter smooth motion and audio really make the game come alive. If you like Star Fox I believe there’s a good chance you’ll like Silpheed.

      Dark Wizards is a good turned base strategy game. It will make you think! But you really have to like the genre because it’s not pretty. I’ve played a lot of Warsong and I didn’t realize how much I liked transitioning to the combat scene when you attack (or are attacked). Dark Wizard doesn’t do this. You’re always on the over head map. Which is OK but it makes the game feel a bit unpolished.

      Believe it or not but I haven’t played much Sonic CD yet. I tried it out and it feels like a proper Sonic game but I can’t give a detailed comparison.

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  2. Dude, I have a Japanese model 1 mega cd. I used to have a model 2 mega cd when I was 10, but my laser broke. The Japanese model 1 just really was much better than my PAL Model 2.


    • I think all versions of Sega CD/Mega CD units are much more prone to break than a Sega Genesis/MD; back in the day and certainly now. I am really glad that there are flash cart options these days for Sega CD games. But despite that it is super cool to have a working Sega CD as a retro gamer.


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