8 comments on “Pick-Ups – An Unexpected Bro Deal

  1. Well, I recall the last time I passed up on Alisia Dragoon MD at $85 thinking that was way too much. lol. Wow. Things have changed, that’s for sure. Nice deal on those, though. Next, you’ll trip and fall over a MD Tetris for far less than it goes for now!


    • Don’t be teasing about a real Mega Drive Tetris coming my way 🙂 That would be the holy grail for a Sega collection! The good news is the list of expensive MD games that I would like is getting pretty small.


        • Hey! Who is this Paul guy?! I feel like I’m being punked!!!
          I’ll take it for $50 shipped! 😀

          Seriously, do you have an authentic Gleylancer for sale?

          I’ve seen it on ebay for between about $500-$1000 USD. I don’t know how well it sells at those prices.


        • I recently paid $60 USD for the case and manual for Gley Lancer. I’m hoping to find a loose cart at some point to complete it.
          If you really want to make top dollar put your Gleylancer on ebay for something lower than the current offerings and wait. Maybe you’ll get a buyer. If I didn’t already have half the game I would be interested but not at ebay prices.
          If you do sell it, good luck! I hope you do well.


    • I just took a look at recently sold listing on ebay for Gleylancer. The few that were there sold between $400 and $500 CAD. So it looks like you wont have trouble selling it but if you do I would be willing to pay $200 USD for it. Of course if you can get more you should try.


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